Introducing the DSPbR® Edge with TRex

Introducing the DSPbR® Edge with TRex

In-Building UHF Repeater with Trunking Extender (TRex) for Critical Public Safety Communications

Extend your public safety radio network coverage indoors seamlessly, quickly and affordably

Public Venues

Shopping Centres

Public Service Buildings


Underground Car Parks

  • Extend your existing public safety radio network coverage to critical indoor public areas
  • Keep your public safety personnel connected and safe in indoor operations
  • Compact and cost effective with minimal infrastructure requirements

The DSPbR® Edge with TRex

The DSPbR® Edge with TRex repeater is the newest member of the RFI rebroadcast product family. It provides a cost effective and flexible solution to enhance indoor public safety radio coverage, without compromising the network performance. Flexible deployment options and scalable configurations are available. The Edge requires minimal infrastructure and on going maintenance.

  • Smashes the cost barriers for extending public safety radio networks indoors
  • Minimises CAPEX and ongoing OPEX
  • TRex enables simplified deployment with minimised intra-system isolation design requirements
  • TRex provides excellent user experience offering smooth outdoor to indoor transition and rectified border zone coverage degradations
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • TRex software patent pending

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