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4.3-10, RF Cable Termination Loads

SKU: SP6938-1100-4.3
In multi-carrier systems where the risk of passive Inter-modulation is significantly increased, the components used should have a low PIM rating which includes termination loads. RFI have a wide range of Low PIM components for use in transmitter combining, POI and Distributed Antenna Systems.
SP6938-1100-4.3 Features: • 694-3800MHz Frequency range • Low PIM Rating -150dBc (3rd Order, 2 x43dBm Carriers) • Easily mountable and stackable • 4.3-10 Male termination adaptor as standard • Rated at 100W
Return Loss VSWR>20 dB/1.22:1
PIM 3rd Order 2x43dBm-150
FinishPassivated Aluminium
Connector Types All Termiantion Ports4.3-10 (F)
Frequency Range698 - 3800
Frequency MHz698-3800MHz
Component TypeLoad