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VHF Low PIM Side Mount Dipole 148-174MHz, 4.3-10

SKU: SMD20-41-P
The SMD20-41-P Series side mounted dipoles are Low PIM broad band antennas which, through different phasing and mounting arrangements can offer a variety of patterns (generally cardioid) tailored to specific coverage requirements. These antennas can be mounted in dual arrays for 3dB gain, or four-stack arrays for 6dB gain over a single dipole.
SMD20-41-P Features: -Can be phased to provide 3 dBd or 6 dBd gain, in a variety of patterns tailored to suit specific requirements. An extensive range of phasing harnesses available. -Full bandwidth coverage for both single antennas and phased arrays - ideal in community sites -DC grounded for lightning protection and dissipation of static noise - -150dBc Passive Intermodulation (PIM) rating