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VHF Side Mounted Dipole 70-85MHz - S/S

VHF Side Mounted Dipole 70-85MHz - Stainless Steel
The SMD14 is a stainless steel version and is ideal in corrosive marine environments. All of the antennas are electrically identical. Features: -Can be phased to provide 3dBd or 6dBd gain in a variety of patterns to suit specific requirements. An extensive range of phasing harnesses available. -Full bandwidth coverage for both single antennas and phased arrays - ideal in community sites -Ruggedised and stainless steel versions available -Low PIM models available -DC grounded for lightning protection and dissipation of static noise
Frequency Range70 - 85
Power w300
TerminationN female with RG213
Mounting area300mm x 40mm diam. aluminium
ConstructionStainless Steel
Tuned bandwidthEntire band
Horizontal BeamwidthTypically 260° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing