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Morningstar GenStar ReadyShunt Expansion Block Only

A snap-in ReadyBlock enabling complete intelligent monitoring and battery, or external, current monitoring including key metrics such as energy in/out (Amp hours), current measurement for system sources and loads, and more. Expansion block only. 
Morningstar's ReadyBlocks allow for additional functionality to be easily added to the GenStar MPPT solar controllers. As a software and hardware solution they can be easily "snapped" into place without additional network configuration. 

Key Features:
- Allows visibility on critical battery information such as SOC and other health metrics for lead-acid and other chemistries
- ReadyRelay blocks can be installed independently of each other
- Current measurement data is automatically integrated into the GS LiveView dashboard
- Highly configurable to accommodate a wide range of shunt sizes with both 50mV and 100mV scaling options
- Can be mixed and matched with other ReadyBlocks as needed