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  • 800MHz Corporate Collinear 746-870MHz - 11.5dBd, 2deg DT, 4.3-10

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800MHz Corporate Collinear 746-870MHz - 11.5dBd, 2deg DT, 4.3-10

SKU: CC807-12-T2-P
These industry leading, full featured corporate collinear arrays allow site operators to combine, with complete integrity, a large number of communications services into a single, low profile antenna solution.
Introducing new higher gain corporate models from RFI. The new CC807-12-P and CC807-09-P corporate collinear antennas feature higher gain in a similar size package to their CC807-08/CC807-11 counterpart, thus offering improved performance, with lower tower loading, and reduced tip deflection when compared to other high gain corporate models. These corporate collinears still employ RFI's unique corporate phasing system enabling precision control of the element placements ensuring phase purity resulting in exceptional bandwidth and electrical performance. Gain is maximized, utilising a patented design approach the individual dipole elements including matching network are fabricated entirely of a flexible circuit board. The dipole elements are soldered to a brass support tube which is directly connected to the mounting tube and the lightning spike at the top of the antenna. CC807-12-P Features: • 500W Continuous Power rating • -150dBc Passive Intermodulation (PIM) rating • 25kW Peak Instantaneous Power (PIP) rating • Extraordinary bandwidth characteristics with superior pattern control • DC grounding on all elements for the ultimate in lightning protection and dissipation of static noise. • Pre-set downtilt variations of 2 and 4 degrees are available on CC807-09 & CC807-12 Models (Downtilt models are NOT Field Invertible)
Frequency Range746 - 870
Power w500
Termination4.3-10 fixed female
Radome Diameter Mm76
Mounting area750 x 89 mm
ConstructionComposite fiberglass sky blue radome, aluminum mounting tube
Tuned bandwidthFull band
Peak Instantaneous POWER Kw25
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc-150
Horizontal BeamwidthOmni +/- 0.5dB