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Ruggedised Dual Boom Stacked VHF Array 155-174MHz - 3x3dBd

SKU: BA404040-41-P-ICE
Designed for sites with extreme ruggedized capability requirements, including high wind & snow, these arrays have been designed to utilise a smaller effective area, with stainless dipoles fixed a heavy duty aluminium boom, they offer high strength and reduced wind and ice loading when compared to a standard 3x3dBd offering.The arrays feature low PIM, low noise performance and great omnidirectional coverage characteristics.
BA404040-41-P-ICE Features: This heavy duty VHF dipole array series is ideal for highly ruggedised, highly populated radio sites requiring wide area omnidirectional coverage. Stainless dipoles fixed to a heavy duty aluminium boom, offer a trade off between high strength with lower weight. The single boom design of teh lower array offers the added benefit of being able to stack a further 3dBd receive array on top. The full compressed array design offers a total gain of 3 x 3dBd exhibiting a VSWR of <1.5:1 across the 155-174MHz band The internal phasing harness is PTFE based low PIM rated cable capable of input power levels up to 750 watts continuous, making these ideal for high power multiple transmitter applications. The cable harness assembly is fully enclosed within the antenna to remove any potential bird attack on the cable. • Compact height, high strength •Designed for sites with extreme ruggedized capability requirements snow and ice • Operate over entire 155-174 MHz VHF band without tuning • Low PIM performance • DC grounded • All connections are DIN
Frequency Range155 - 174
Power w750
Termination4.3-10 female with 0.5m RG142 cable tail.
Mounting area750mm x 90mm diam. aluminium
ConstructionStainless Steel Dipoles with Aluminium Boom
Tuned bandwidthFull. No tuning required
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc&lt;-140
Horizontal BeamwidthOmni +/-0.5dB
Downtilt0° Std