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X10DR LTE/PTT Mobile Phone Audio Adaptor

Professional Two-Way Operation from your Smartphone.

Use your smartphone as a professional two-way radio. While a number of LTE/PTT over cellular applications are now providing well-grounded two-way audio performance, most traditional radio users are struggling with your typical smartphone's physical form factors.

While being ideal for telephony and googling the internet, they are generally far from being mechanically suitable for the “rough and tumble” experienced by your average portable two-way radio. The XHIR-4P audio adaptor is designed to specifically allow your mobile phone running a professional “two-way” application to function like a regular handheld portable radio by allowing a plug-and-play connection to well-established two-way personal audio accessories.

The adaptor's unique design allows seamless connectivity with most industry top-end covert surveillance accessories as well as many of the premium overt ranges designed for hospitality, casino, event management, and other professional users.
XHIR-4P Key Features:
- Minimal User Training
- Rugged Shock Resistant
- IP54 Weatherproof
- 5-Day Operation
- USB Charging
- Plug & Play
- Use with iPhone and most Android mobile phones running LTE/PTT Apps

Built for law enforcement and professional users
The high quality, durability and reliability of the X10DR-LTE audio accessory adaptor has been designed to meet the highest standards required by government agencies and law enforcement officers working in critical scenarios using premium quality resilient cables and premium connectors. Other professional users can feel assured that you are getting the same industrial class dependability and performance, no matter the size or type of your operation.

Rugged and reliable
IP54 rated the XHIR-4P simply plugs into the earphone socket on most popular smartphones running a variety of PTT (Press to talk over Cellular) Apps. Designed to be extremely rugged, it enables the functionality that radio users expect, where the PTT button operates just as you would expect connected to your existing two-way radio today. Now your smartphone can be securely kept in your pocket, protected from the elements, and safe from damage, drops, and other everyday mishaps, while the XHIR-4P allows a wide variety of traditional two-way audio accessories to be deployed to meet your specific operational objectives.

Long battery life
The XHIR-4P audio adaptor incorporates an internal Lithium polymer battery means you will typically achieve access to 2 days of operation between re-charges. Plugging the adaptor into an available USB charger via the supplied charging cable allows 100% recharge from completely flat in less than an hour and it’s then ready to go when you are!