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X10DR XRTG Pairing Button

To provide even greater range and into building coverage, Wireless Pacific has developed a unique external mount housing for the Elite Plus Gateway We are now able to achieve a range in excess of 700 meters by simply repackaging the standard Elite Plus Gateway electronic circuitry into an IP67 rated housing and mounting the gateway externally, unobstructed, on a roof, light rack or similar. When used with multiple handsets the XRTG Plus acts as a Repeater doubling the effective range between 2 or handsets
Operating in the 2.4GHz band means antenna coax cable losses can be significant. Even the best available coax suffers a 3dB loss on a 5.5 meter (17ft) cable run. That's the equivalent of losing half the RF signal! Of most importance, that means greater into building penetration than with a standard internally mounted gateway device.

The XRTG Plus ruggedized housing mounts on a stainless L shape bracket and is fully weatherproof against the elements. XRTG operation has been confirmed up to 92C (197F)and down to -30C (-22F) meaning it can operate externally in most environment extremes including external use on Fire engines.

Simply insert XRPB pairing button and triple press. Next hold the handset nearby, pressing both its blue buttons until the blue LED flashes rapidly and the handset beeps (after 5 secs). A few seconds later pairing confirmation tones will sound and the LED on the handset will glow solid.