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X10DR 3-Wire Covert Style Surveillance Audio Accessory

3 Wire surveillance style (black colour) audio accessory with quick disconnect acoustic tube earpiece for covert use. Plugs into the X10DR handset  Hirose connector.
The small size of the X10DR unit allows for its selective use in covert short-range applications. The remote monitor PTT function means someone else can enable listening without the covert operative having to touch anything. Alternatively, they can be configured so you can also talk to them over the radio even when an operative is transmitting in local talkaround mode. Elite models provide AES128 encryption to ensure totally secure voice communications.

To enhance its security it automatically updates its encryption key continuously throughout the day, making it operationally far more tactically secure than the highest top-end AES256 portable radios, who generally only have their encryption keys changed monthly or less and whose transmissions are often broadcast over wide area networks and thus more accessible from a hostile attack.