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Victron CAN Communications cable Type A, 5m (BYD)


Communications “VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS” cable for connecting ‘managed’ Lithium batteries to a Victron GX.

“Type A” pin-out

This cable is used to connect a Victron GX device to a 3rd party BMS-managed battery.

The "Type A" cable is required for the following battery brands:

  • BYD Battery Box Premium: LVL; LVS; LV Flex
  • BYD Battery Box: B-Plus 2.5; Pro 13.8
  • Pylontech: US2000C; US3000C; UP5000; US5000; US5000B; Force-L

Other batteries may require a standard network cable or the "Type B" variant of this custom cable.

Check the manual for cable pin-out details and additional information.