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Victron Phoenix Smart Charger; 24v 16amp (1+1)

SKU: VN-PXSC-24/16(1+1)
The Phoenix Smart Charger is available for both 12V and 24V installations. There are two 12V models: one has a 30 Amp output ; the other 50 Amps. For the 24V models it’s 16 Amps or 25 Amps. Each of these can be ordered with a two- or a three-output configuration. For full details, download the Datasheet on our website. The two-output configuration provides full rated-power to one outlet, and up to 3 Amps to the second outlet ; ideal for maintaining a starter battery, for example. The three-output configuration can provide full power to each outlet ; allowing you to charge up to three separate banks of batteries simultaneously.
VictronConnect: configure and monitor A Bluetooth-enabled smart phone, tablet or other device can be used to monitor, change settings, and to update the charger whenever new software features become available. Intelligent charge algorithm Phoenix Smart chargers have all the Victron features which help ensure long battery life and optimal charging: Adaptive 5-stage charge algorithm: bulk – absorption – recondition – float – storage. The Phoenix Smart Charger features our well-known ‘adaptive’ battery management system which can be preset for different types of batteries. The ‘adaptive’ feature automatically optimises the charge process according to the way the battery is being used. BatterySafe: when selecting a high charge-current for rapid recharging, Phoenix Smart Charger protects your battery from ‘gassing’ (and resultant loss of electrolyte) by automatically limiting the rate of voltage increase once the gassing voltage has been reached. You can see the difference in the two graphs below. The left graph shows a normal sequence, without BatterySafe. The right graph shows the sequence with BatterySafe. Notice the white arrows. The difference is the reduced speed of voltage-rise – once 14.4V has been reached. Storage mode: when batteries are left ‘on charge’ but idle for long periods they can be damaged by overcharging. The positive plates corrode – which accelerates ageing. Also, the electrolyte will gradually boil off into gas leaving the cell dry and no longer able to function. To prevent that, Victron chargers enter ‘Storage mode’ whenever the battery has been idle for 24 hours. In Storage mode the charging voltage is reduced to 13.2V (for a 12V battery) – well below the gassing voltage. This charge voltage, however, will be increased to (usually) 14.4V for one hour per week, in order to prevent sulphation, and stratification (whereby the electrolyte becomes more concentrated at the bottom and more dilute at the top).
Over Temperature Range-20 to 60 degrees C
Number Of Outputs3
Charge Algorithum4 stage charging
AC ConnectionIEC 320 C14 inlet with retainer clip
Humidity Non-CondensingMax. 95%
Protection Over TemperatureYes
Protection Output ShortcircuitYes
Protection Reverse PolarityYes
Charge Current16 A
Charge Voltage StorageNormal: 26.4V / High: 26.4V / Li-ion: 27.0V
Charge Voltage FloatNormal: 27.6V / High: 27.6V / Li-ion: 27.0V
Charge Voltage AbsorptionNormal: 28.8V / High: 29.4V / Li-ion: 28.4V
Input Voltage Range V230 VAC (range 210-250 V)
Battery ConnectionScrew Terminal 16mm square (AWG6)
Dimensions180 x 249 x 100mm