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UHF Meander™ Collinear Antenna 400-420 MHz - 5dBd, 4.3-10

SKU: COL43-420-P
This range of Meander™ collinear antennas has been specifically designed for wireless applications requiring high performance, broad bandwidth and exceptional PIM and PIP specifications.
COL43-420-P Features: - Excellent bandwidth providing full band coverage - Internally DC grounded for lightning protection and the reduction of precipitation noise - Patented Meander™ PCB design for optimum RF pattern stability - Industry leading PIM ratings (-150dBc) providing low IM and low noise characteristics for optimum network performance - Excellent Peak Instantaneous Power(PIP) rating (25kW) The patented Meander™ collinear element design allows multiple half wave elements to be stacked without the variations in cable lengths and mechanical joints which have typified the construction techniques in high gain collinear antennas. With the dipole elements being printed on a single sided PCB the susceptibility to passive intermodulation is practically eliminated. Placing the elements on a board not only controls PIM but also removes manufacturing variations so that each and every antenna will provide the same pattern, tilt and VSWR characteristics over its operating bandwidth.
Frequency Range400 - 420
Power w250
Nominal Gain Dbi7.1
Radome Diameter Mm38
Mounting area500mm x 48.4mm diameter Ecofilm™ plated aluminium
ConstructionComposite fibreglass sky blue radome, aluminum mounting tube
Tuned bandwidthFull band
Peak Instantaneous POWER Kw25
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc-150
Horizontal BeamwidthOmni +/- 0.5dB