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RFI Power Splitter ,4-Way 698-2700MHz ,50W

SKU: SP6927-5304-11
These 4-way devices may be used in a range of RF signal splitting (divider) and combining applications and are designed to split RF source power into an equal ratio of power outputs, or combine multiple inputs to a single output with isolation between the ports. These products feature broad operating frequency bandwidth and multi-carrier PIM rating, and are widely used in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), receiver distribution networks and low-power RF signal dividing and combining designs. Their compact size, IP rating and ease of installation suits a wide range both indoor and outdoor deployments.
SP6927-5304-11 Features: - Broadband 698-2700MHz operation. - Multi-carrier PIM rating. - Analogue and digital rating. - Equal ratio signal splitting or combining. - Easy to install using provided mounting tabs. - IP rated for indoor and outdoor deployment.