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Morningstar SunLight PWM Light Controller; 20A 24V, LVD

SKU: SL-20L-24V
Morningstar's SunLight™ solar lighting controller combines the SunSaver design with an advanced microcontroller for automatic lighting control functions.


SunLight Datasheet

SunLight Operation Manual
SunLight  Mechanical Diagram
SunLight Electrical Diagram

SunLight Ambient Light Resistor Fix
SunLight Temperature Compensation Graphs
SL-20L-24V Features: SunLight controllers offer precise lighting control with 10 lighting options, coupled with PWM battery charging.
Suggested Solar Capacity for 24V Batteries [W]600
Width [mm]168
Type of ChargerPWM Solar Regulator
Load Control [A DC]20
Grounding PolarityNegative ground
Remote CommunicationsNo
Mounting Wall
Temperature Compensated ChargingNo
Adjustable Battery Charging ParametersNo
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)Yes
Maximum Output Current [A DC]20
Battery TypeFlooded, Sealed
Operating Temperature Range [°C]-40°C to +85°C
Display InterfaceLED
IP RatingEpoxy encapsulation, marine-rated terminals
Weight [kg]0.26
Depth [mm]34
Height [mm]55