Robustel Lite Industrial Ethernet Router with IO and Wi-Fi Telstra Approved

SKU: R1510

The Robustel R1510 is a fully featured Lite Industrial IoT 3G/4G modem router.
With Ethernet, digital IO and Wi-Fi the R1510 is an excellent solution for a myriad of IoT applications.

Full of features packed into a small enclosure the Robustel R1510 is an advanced but cost-effective solution for applications from agricultural monitoring to fleet tracking, to retail.

Key Features:
- Telstra Approved modem 
- Ethernet connections
- Allows for secure remote access with support for IPsec, OpenVPN, GRE & Robust VPN
-Digital I/O
- Built-in Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Gateway
- Small footprint for tight install spaces
- Compatible with RCMS for remote monitoring 
- SDK for programming