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Pulse 71-6 DIN(M) Connector; RG213 - Crimp - White Bronze

SKU: 716-21
These 7-16 DIN connectors are alloy plated (White Bronze). Contact surfaces are silver plated. Crimp using RCT-213 Crimp tool (available from RFI)
7-16 DIN connectors feature a screw lock for performance where vibration resistance and environmental performance is important. The characteristic impedance is 50 ohm. They provide excellent performance for return loss and intermodulation distortion up to 7.5GHz.
Cable Type ConnectorsRG213
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-107 Test Cond B
Salt SprayMIL-STD-101 Test Cond B
Cable Retention80 lbs min
Coupling Nut Retention60lbs Max
Durability500 matings
MatingM29 x 1.5 threaded coupling
Outer ContactCrimp
Centre ContactCrimp
VibrationMIL-STD-202 Test Cond B
Cable TypeRG213
Operational Temperature Range-55° to 155° C
Connector7-16 DIN(M)
VSWR1.3:1 max
Weight [kg]0
Component TypeConnector