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Maxon Datamax LoRaWAN Terminal w/ serial RS232, RS485

SKU: MA100-1020-TERM-W
Featuring wide ranging connectivity & control - the Datamax LoRa Terminal with RS232 & RS485 functionality is the right choice for your M2M application.
RFI's Maxon brand of industrial IoT products are the perfect solution for your next IoT or M2M application. Featuring wide ranging connectivity & data transmission using LoRa wireless technology - the Datamax LoRa Terminal with RS232, RS485 & LoRa functionality is the right choice for your M2M application. 

Key Features 
• LoRa connectivity with Australian ISM band 
• Support low power consumption mode, including sleep mode, scheduled online/Offline mode 
• Support hardware and software WDT 
• Supports RS232 & RS485 
• Max Transmission Distance of 8 KM 
• Module Supports Over-the-Air Updates 
• -148dBm Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity 
• 200 plus nodes within a network 
• Total 5 I/O Channels, 3 analog & 2 digital & 2 channels pulse compatible 
• Relay routing and terminal device functionality 

• Alternative external antenna options 
• Datamax LoRa gateway